This document describes the availability of the flex expert system toolkit on the World Wide Web. LPA flex is an expressive and flexible AI toolkit, and provides a comprehensive and versatile set of facilities for programmers to construct sophisticated, readable and portable expert systems.

Staightforward Delivery

WebFlex allows you to deliver your flex-based expert systems onto Intranets and Extranets easily. Just create your rules and frames and questions as per normal in flex, and WebFlex will construct a web server-based solution using ProWeb where all the questions are sent automatically configured for a standard HTML/Javascript browser.


If, however, you want to include your own bespoke HTML, GIF, page layout instructions, then you can include these too with minimal additional work. This way you can develop rule-based diagnostic systems, decision-support aids, etc and have them adhere to your own house-style for web-based applications.

Ease of Use

So now you can build intelligent web sites using a high-level rule language and not have to get your hands dirty. Why not test drive this now?

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