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Welcome to Weblog, an exciting new way to create Web applications using the full power of Prolog and its Tookits. So what's so special about Weblog? Read on and find out!

Weblog is Easy

If you can write it in Prolog, you have already written it in Weblog. Unlike earlier toolkits, Weblog is Prolog, running on the Web: nothing more, nothing less. So big deal, right? Wrong! This really is a something special.

It Just Works

There are just two things you need to create a Weblog application: first, a web page, perhaps like this:

  <body><p>A {:animal:} is a kind of {:type:}</p></body>

And second, some Prolog code, maybe like this:

weblog :-
   getarg( animal, A ),
   type_of( A, T ),
   submit( 'animal.htm', [(animal,A),(type,T)] ).
Weblog Animal Example
type_of( `dog`,   `mammal`  ).
type_of( `snake`, `reptile` ).
type_of( `crow`,  `bird`    ).
type_of( _,       `unknown` ).

And that's it! You now have a Weblog application that will generate the page shown right. How? Please read on ...

Weblog Demos

You will find out just how the above example works, and much more, in the live demos that follow.

We recommend you view the demos in sequence, as build on each other, in tutorial style, explaining the techniques used as they go.

Click here to see the first demo

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