KnowGravity Inc

KnowGravity Inc has developed a complex planning tool, CASSANDRA , entirely in WIN-PROLOG. Here is some more detail about this product.

CASSANDRA Aids Software Engineers

CASSANDRA is a platform for advanced software engineering applications, developed by KnowGravity Inc. in Zurich, Switzerland. Providing interfaces to several common UML CASE tools CASSANDRA offers as an assistant to software developers various applications such as domain-level reviewers of UML models, rule-based effort estimation, UML model simulation, business rules consultant, WordNet(R)-based common sense database and more. CASSANDRA incorporates a highly declarative repository based on an extended version of the UML metamodel as well as three dedicated inference engines. CASSANDRA is fully implemented in LPA's WIN-PROLOG. CASSANDRA is 100% implemented in WIN-PROLOG; find out more here!

You can download a detailed technical appraisal of CASSANDRA from here.