CON-PROLOG is a true Prolog compiler for Windows machines, available in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions, which shares its powerful Prolog engine with the all-bells-and-whistles product that is WIN-PROLOG, but without the latter's GUI features. Instead, CON-PROLOG works directly through a traditional text console.

Although conceived primarily for use in batch commands, system testing and other script automation tasks, CON-PROLOG nonetheless supports the entire set of non-GUI predicates that make up WIN-PROLOG, including its TCP/IP Sockets and MIDI features.

Because CON-PROLOG uses standard input and output (STDIO), its input can easily be redirected from a file, and output sent to a file, using regular Windows pipeline commands. For example, the following command would take all user input from a file called, "user.txt", and place the resulting output in "report.txt":

C> pro386c < user.txt > report.txt

A good example of the use of CON-PROLOG, is to compile and build all the files that make up WIN-PROLOG, flex, VisiRule and all the other LPA toolkits. In other words, we've been using it for many years: it is finally being made available to the general public!

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