LPA ProWeb Server

Historically, the LPA ProWeb Server supported the development, testing and deployment of intelligent, dynamic server-based applications on intranets and the Internet. Originally designed at a time when most websites were created with hand-written HTML code, it provided support for automatic content generation using a Prolog meta-language which was converted into HTML at runtime.

Although retained for legacy reasons, and as part of the current support for the WebFlex Server, ProWeb has been replaced by a brand-new web toolkit for WIN-PROLOG, called Weblog.

Introducing Weblog!

Weblog is the fresh, new toolkit which provides a direct, streamlined way of combining beautifully designed web pages with logical scripts written in Prolog.

Weblog separates the processes of website design and content programming, so that web pages can be created in familiar tools such as DreamWeaver, PhotoShop and Illustrator, independently of the application code which supports them.

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