World Wide Web Solutions

For those wanting to develop intelligent, distributed agent-based systems, Chimera is a brilliant and elegant solution that can used on its own, or adapted to blend and communicate with other agent systems.

In recent years, the face of computing has changed beyond all recognition thanks to the Internet in general, and the World Wide Web in particular. LPA's technology has kept apace with this sea change, and we are happy to offer a number of solutions for Webmasters and others involved with supporting the Information Superhighway.

The ProWeb Server is a complete "Prolog-on-the-Web" development system, with support for dynamically generating HTML pages and maintaining "conversations" with users over the make-and-break links that characterise the HTTP protocol. Full support for backtracking, even days after a previous solution has been found, is among the many unique features of this product.

WebFlex, based on ProWeb, takes convenience a stage further, by providing a web-deployable version of the flex expert system toolkit.

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