Prolog Language Compilers

LPA's compilers for the Prolog language are widely respected as among the best available for Windows and DOS, and form the foundation of all our products. Integrating closely with their respective host operating systems, and with rich GUI development environments and an extensive library of LPA Toolkits, these products provide an ideal platform in which to implement smart applications for the desktop.

New in version 2017, we have added two further versions of the famous 386-PROLOG engine; joining the existing flagship products, WIN-PROLOG and DOS-PROLOG, are CON-PROLOG and DLL-PROLOG.

The former replaces WIN-PROLOG's rich GUI with a simple Standard Input and Output (STDIO) console interface, making it ideal for use in batch files, repetitive testing, mass data crunching and other automated processes.

The latter goes on stage further, displensing with a direct user interface altogether, and replacing it with a simple but deeply powerful API to enable LPA's award winning technology to be embedded as a DLL in third-party applications written in C, C++ and other Windows devemlopment languages.

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