Interfaces and Toolkits

The Intelligence Server provides a simple, yet powerful mechanism that allows applications written in other languages, including C/C++, Visual Basic, Delphi and Java, to call WIN-PROLOG. Full support is provided for backtracking, multiple nested queries, and even multiple concurrent queries. Using a simple text-only interface, there is no need for programmers to understand the internal data structures of Prolog; meanwhile, more complex data can be passed through shared memory objects to maximise the communications bandwidth.

Prolog-like access to SQL Server and other ODBC databases is provided through the ProData Interface, a complete solution for those who want to combine the power of the Prolog language with the data handling efficiency of commercial database engines, or who wish to integrate Prolog intelligence into existing back-office systems.

The Portable Dialog Manager provides a simplified, platform-independent way to define GUI interfaces. Supported both by WIN-PROLOG and MacProlog32, it provides the ideal way to write generic desktop applications.

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