Expert Systems Development

LPA has developed a new, graphical business rule development system, called VisiRule. Running on LPA's WIN-PROLOG platform, it compiles flowcharts into KSL, the language supported by LPA's cross-platform expert system shell, flex.

LPA's widely-supported "flex" system provides a sophisticated, frame-based shell which can be combined, where required, with Prolog code to provide complete, powerful, cross-platform expert systems. Supported not only on LPA's WIN-PROLOG and MacProlog32 platforms, flex is also available for a variety of third-party Prolog compilers, including those from Quintus and BIM.

While flex contains direct support for fuzzy logic and uncertainty, there are times when these features are useful in pure Prolog environments: "Flint" is just such a product, comprising the fuzzy logic component of flex, extracted into a library for direct use in WIN-PROLOG programs.

For those who want access to class hierarchies, inheritance and other object oriented programming (OOPS) features, but without the overhead of a full-blown expert system shell, our third product in this category, Prolog++, is the ideal solution.

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