LPA Client Services

A key factor in establishing LPA as a world class supplier of advanced software has been the company's Services. We recognise the critical business significance which systems often have for our clients, and we value their input to our product planning.

Technical Support

LPA's technical support services cover the full range of user queries, and accessed through our website and by email. As well as posting regular software updates and maintaining FAQ lists, we aim to give a personal response to all technical queries within two working days. Our clients often find that we can offer advice on the best use of LPA products for their requirements, and where appropriate we introduce other LPA services.

Product Enhancement

LPA's product enhancements carefully reflect the feedback which we receive from professional developers. We have an enviable record for enhancing our products in line with changes in operating systems and environments, and have recently introduced thorough support for Unicode. The usual means of notifying new releases to clients is by email, as well as through our website.

User Training

The content of our training courses is individually tailored to clients' requirements. It ranges from basic and advanced use of our development tools, to training in Knowledge Management techniques.

Bespoke Development

Our expert designers have unparalleled experience in developing successful and robust advanced software systems. A key element in this success has been our use of incremental development, where users are fully involved at all stages in a system's creation. This involvement enables the avoidance of time-consuming "blind alleys", and builds user commitment to the delivered system.

Systems Re-engineering

This service helps clients continue to derive the best return from their investment in advanced systems. These applications can be re-engineered to outlive the changing operating systems and programming languages which surround them. In other cases, ideas once left as prototypes can be re-engineered to profitable Knowledge Management applications.

Project Consultancy

LPA's services under this heading are invariably tailored to the requirements of individual clients and projects. Authoritative advice on the selection of methodologies, the provision of advanced software expertise, and project management are some areas.

Collaborative Projects

LPA has a truly enviable record in collaborative projects with partners in the financial, communications, manufacturing and public service sectors; as well as with respected research agencies. If you are contemplating an advanced collaborative project, please let us help explore your initial thoughts.