DOS-PROLOG is a true 32-bit Prolog compiler for MS-DOS, PC-DOS and Windows machines, and makes the most of very modest hardware. Prolog is a powerful AI language which provides a high-level and productive environment based on logical inference.

DOS-PROLOG has a rich set of GUI features, many of them shared with WIN-PROLOG, as well as special low level features such as high-resolution timers, direct video BIOS support, and Mouse and MIDI interfaces, which make it ideal for scientific or real time applications.

DOS-PROLOG Text Windows

DOS-PROLOG is the sister product of WIN-PROLOG, LPA's Industry Standard Windows Prolog system, and like the latter product, is complemented by a suite of high-powered programming tools, including flex, Prolog++, and the GraFiX toolkit.

DOS-PROLOG Turtle Graphics

DOS-PROLOG uses incremental compilation of user programs to provide the execution speed of a compiler but with the interactive behaviour of an interpreter. The optimizing compiler provides multiple-argument indexing for static code.

DOS-PROLOG Barchart Plotting

Using the acclaimed Phar Lap DOS Extender, typical DOS-PROLOG applications will run on any DOS-based machine with a 386 or higher processor, in as little as 4Mb of memory. Because of its 32-bit implementation, DOS-PROLOG can easily handle huge applications, directly using any amount of memory, right up to the theoretical limit of 4Gb.

DOS-PROLOG Function Plotting

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