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Chimera is a wonderfully uncomplicated, yet deeply powerful agent development and deployment tool for WIN-PROLOG. Using Chimera, you can write sophisticated multi-agent applications which can run on multiple machines across any TCP/IP network, from a small home setup to the entire Internet.

Chimera Heuristic Intelligence Modelling Enhanced Relational Agents

Chimera combines the heuristic intelligence modelling of logic programming, enhancing the standard relational nature of Prolog with an intuitive system of raising and responding to events, both locally and across network connetions.

Built directly upon the Windows Sockets (Winsock) TCP/IP support that has been added to the latest version of WIN-PROLOG, Chimera is entirely self-contained, and does not require any other toolkits. The normal complexities involved with setting up and processing network interactions are handled automatically, and the whole system is handled by a remarkably small set of predicates, resulting in a very short learning curve.

A well-written, tutorial-style user manual takes you from first principles through to the implementation of a considerable multi-agent application, through a series of seven easy-to-follow chapters, which include step-by-step examples, complete with copious numbers of screenshots.

With Chimera, Agent programming has been brought out of the realms of smoke, mirrors and rocket science, and fully up to date.

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