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VisiRule is a graphical tool for designing, developing and delivering business rule and decision support applications.

Creating Knowledge-Rich Charts

Complex know-how and expertise can be clearly and concisely represented using a visual model and shared among diverse groups of participants.

VisiRule charts offer a precise yet compact way to model logic from simple to complex.

VisiRule includes a dedicated desktop visual environment to rapidly draw and test the correctness of your charts.

Creating Interactive Systems

VisiRule charts are active documents rather than passive diagrams; they can be used to generate and execute on-line, on-time interactive systems.

The executable code is generated automatically and then dropped into place on the web-server or VisiRule desktop delivery harness.

CSS Stylesheets and HTML can be used to customise Web-based presentation.

Creating Reports

XML versions of the chart can be exported for external processing, editing and documentation purposes.

VisiRule charts can be run both interactively and in batch mode against existing data sets.

The computed answers, whether simple conclusion or structured reports, can be exported for external consumption.

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