VisiRule Web Demos

VisiRule is a graphical tool for non-programmers to develop and deliver rule-based and expert systems simply by drawing their decision logic.

Creating Expert Knowledge Charts

Complex knowledge can be modelled using a visual chart and shared with colleagues.

VisiRule provides a dedicated Windows desktop authouring tool to rapidly draw and test the correctness of charts.

Publishing Interactive Systems

VisiRule charts are active diagrams rather than passive pictures; they can be used to generate online, interactive questionnaire sessions.

The original VisiRule chart can be displayed within the web page of the questionnaire to provide easy navigation of the decision map.

Standard CSS stylesheets, Javascript and HTML can be used to customise the web-based presentation to support brand identity.

Creating Reports and Advice

XML versions of the chart can be exported for external processing, editing, re-loading and documentation purposes.

XML-based truth tables showing all possible paths through a chart can be exported for auditing purposes.

VisiRule charts can be run both interactively, say on mobile devices or laptops, and also in batch mode using pre-existing corporate data.

Structured reports and custom advice can be generated using the answers given and the path taken through the chart.

Answers, both given and computed, can be stored externally for downstream consumption and workflow.

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