MacProlog32 combines advanced AI programming techniques with the user-friendly interface and enhanced graphics of the Apple Macintosh. By integrating a powerful Prolog compiler with the Macintosh philosophy of mice, menus, windows and graphics, LPA offers a rich and sophisticated programming environment, previously available only on expensive, dedicated workstations, combined with a compact, run-time delivery capability. To get the best overall performance on a 32-bit machine, MacProlog32 has been implemented completely from scratch in 32-bit assembler using the same engine as featured in WIN-PROLOG. This guarantees a high degree of compatibility with both that product set, Quintus Prolog on Unix and the ISO Standard.

MacProlog32 is not only an industrial strength Edinburgh syntax compiler system, but also boasts many special-purpose routines for constructing classical Macintosh-style applications without having to understand the inner workings of the Macintosh. Coupled with the rich range of add-on tools available, this helps makes MacProlog32 a powerful general purpose applications development system.

Basic components of MacProlog32

  • a fast incremental compiler for rapid program development
  • a powerful optimising compiler for efficient final applications
  • easy-to-use declarative graphics system
  • high-level ToolBox access for menus, windows and dialogs

Optional add-ons available for MacProlog32

  • flex - portable frame-based expert system toolkit
  • Prolog++ toolkit - for object-oriented programming
  • MacDialog Editor - for drawing user-interfaces
  • Portable Dialog Manager - for defining portable, abstract screens
  • Saag/RG - run-time generator for stand-alone applications

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