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This page enables you to obtain special 28-Day Free Trial version of WIN-PROLOG 6.1, complete with a number of extra goodies. Here's what you get with the WIN-PROLOG Free Trial:

Product Description
WIN-PROLOG 6.1 28-Day Free Trial
Chimera Agents for WIN-PROLOG
Dialog Editor Graphical Dialog Creator for WIN-PROLOG
Call Graph Graphical Program Viewer for WIN-PROLOG
Help System Comprehensive Help Files for WIN-PROLOG

WIN-PROLOG 6.1 28-Day Free Trial

WIN-PROLOG is our top-of-the-range Prolog compiler for Windows, and the Free Trial version contains all of the features of the full retail version. The WIN-PROLOG Free Trial can be run any number of times, but please be aware of the following minor restrictions:

  • The Free Trial Software will run during a period of 28 days, starting from the date at which it was created
  • Each session is limited to maximum duration of 60 minutes, after which the Free Trial Software will exit abruptly
  • Each session begins and ends by displaying a simple message box showing contact details for LPA

We hope these restrictions will not disrupt you too much while you are evaluating the software.

Getting your Free Trial Software

In order to get your Free Trial Software, simply complete and submit the form below. Here's how it works:

  • You must enter your full name: this will be displayed in the welcome banner and about box whenever you run your software
  • You must enter your email address: this will used to mail you details about how to download your software
  • You may also enter information about your job, organisation, and potential application for the software

Once our web server receives your information, it will prepare a customised version of the WIN-PROLOG Free Trial, including the extra goodies, especially for you, and will email you details of how to download your software.

Please note: if you enter a false or incorrect email address, then you won't be able to download your Free Trial Software!

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