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Website Maintenance

LPA's website is undergoing some major maintenance and improvements: please bear with us during this process, as certain features may not be available at this time.

Welcome to LPA

LPA provides a range of software development tools for both programmers and non-programmers who wish to deliver knowledge-based decision support and expert systems.


The leading Prolog compiler for Windows, WIN-PROLOG provides a robust engine and dedicated development environment for this powerful AI language, complete with dozens of extensions and enhancements.

Free Trial of WIN-PROLOG, VisiRule & flex

VisiRule is an intuitive graphical tool for non-technical business users to design and deliver rule-based expert applications, simply by drawing a flowchart that represents the business decision logic.

VisiRule charts can be directly published to the internet: click here to see some live Web Demos.

Mobile Friendly

LPA Website Going Mobile Friendly

A major project is underway to revise the LPA website to make it "mobile friendly", to ensure that text, diagrams and images are all easily browsed and readable on smartphones and other small-screen, hand-held devices.

These updates will take some time to complete, but will be performed in small batches and uploaded from time to time, rather than waiting until the whole website has been adapted. Watch this space!